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Anni Siedlert from Ulm regularly feeds cats that are homeless and homeless. Their big problem is that, as soon as the bowls of wet food are provided for the animals, flies make it over. How she can handle this “vermin plague”, Anni Siedler asked our readers.

Here are some answers:

I also feed a hangover on our farm. But we have certain feeding times. He stands, for example, every morning in front of his feeding bowl. Should he have missed the time, I call him and he comes running after a few minutes. But it has also happened that he does not walk to the cup. Then there is no food. In addition, the bowl stands on paved ground. We had him already in the garden, but there came the slugs. However, a panacea does not seem to exist. An alternative I see only in dry food. I wish you and the cats

My Answer: Fly hoods on the edges of the feed bowls so that the clever cats can push them down with the paw. This works great with my street hangover. If the thing with the hoods is too expensive, that will certainly work with aluminum foil, which is more or less laid loose over the bowls.

Also I feed in the garden one or two free-roaming cats and also I had the problem with the flies. I then put out a cat toilet with a roof and pasted a fly screen (gauze) with Tesafilm in front of the entrance, so that although the cat can get in and out, but no more flies.

There are food bowls that have a timer. The flap will open at the time you set the clock, preferably when the animal eats habitually. Cats, who get food at irregular times or can always get food, will get used to the new system. In the beginning they will surely sit in front of a closed bowl, but if they smell food they will come back!

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