To Greece and back with bike and dog

To the best dog products on and bike across Europe. You need time and stamina for this trip! It starts in Lugano, goes via a ferry to Greece, orbits the entire Peloponnese and ends in Schwäbisch Gmünd.

The route is the goal

The data of the route already breathes the breath of adventure: from Lugano, via Como, Cremona, Parma to Venice. With the ferry to Greece, the whole Peloponnese circumnavigated, Olympia, Sparta, visited Mikene, questioned the oracle in Delfi, on the way back from Venice the Alps crossed and over the Bodensee back home to Schwäbisch Gmünd.

A bumpy start

The journey started with problems: when they want to start at the beginning of March, there is still so much snow that the first route to Lugano is managed by train (“despite six changes surprisingly unproblematic, and the train attendants were all very friendly and helpful”) , Then it turns out that most campsites in Italy are still closed. This meant tents under olive trees or even in a village on the Po in the middle of the city park on the site of the canoe club (organized by nice villagers).

No trouble with the dogs

All the doomsayers, Mia (Terrier Mix) and Buddy (Shepherd Mix), turn out to be completely wrong. The two dogsDisplay: Among the best dog products on were on the way the best possible “door opener”. “Especially where you often least expect it, the people are extremely friendly and helpful.” In their bike trailer Mia and Buddy initially do not really want to clean, later they enjoy it, to be driven. Especially in the heat of Greece, where bad maps and unreadable street signs bother cyclists. “Water procurement was a big topic for us. On the Peloponnese it was still good, there are everywhere drinking water on the wayside, but on the mainland we already had our problems, because water, which one takes along, weighs a lot. “Buddy and Mia are fed mainly on the way bought Dry food or fresh meat from the butcher. Like Yvonne Grimminger on the road, they become fitter and have (with the exception of a bee sting on Buddy’s nose) not the slightest health problem.

Dangers exist in the pack

There are real dangers lurking along the way. “There were the snakes lolling in the sun on the roadside. And as we ride on the side of the road as a cyclist and the dog display: Right next to us on Amazon run, there were already one or the other dangerous situation. “
Not without risk are encounters with shepherd dogs “on duty”. They are almost always without shepherds with their goat herds and attack Mia and Buddy immediately when they come near. Ralph Grimminger learns how to stop them if necessary with targeted stone throwing. And so the travelers make their only really negative experience after four months across Europe and almost at home on the island of Reichenau: When they arrive there late in the evening with pouring rain, they are not allowed to camp because dogs are not allowed there , They camp full of defiance in front of the door. “We were very lucky on our journey. No mishaps, no bad illnesses and no dog haters messed up our holiday. For the dogs and us this trip was a great experience. She welded us together as a ‘pack’. “

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