The command “Platz” for Dog

The command “place” serves not only to “deposit the dog display: To the best dog products on on a certain place.” It is also a tool that can be used to stop unwanted behavior.

Important basic command for the dog

The goal of the command “place” is that the dog lies down immediately after the one-time sound under the most diverse conditions and does not get up again until he is allowed to do so. When lying down, any rolling, creeping, even barking and howling must be avoided.

Dog training without distraction

Go with your dog to a place where he will not be distracted. You take a treat in the right hand and the leash indicator: To the best dog products on in the left hand. Then take the footstep “foot” a few steps. After standing, let the dog sit on the left side and crouch down on your own.

First method

The leash is held to the ground in front of the dog so that it is taut. Now the treat on the nose of the dog is kept away from him on the ground and given the command “place”. The dog will lie down to get the treat he gets the moment he is on the ground with his front body and rump. At the same time, of course, must be praised extensively. By stroking over the back, the position is still supported. After a while, the sound comes “seat”, and the dog indicator: directly to buy on Amazon may get up.

Second method

A second method, which is especially recommended for small dogs and terriers, is described below. Again, use the leash to connect to your dog. Sit down and angle both legs in front of you, creating a kind of tunnel. You can also use a stool or stool as a “tunnel”. After alerting your dog that there is a treat in your hand, lure him into the tunnel. As a result, he will lie down automatically. At this moment enter the command “place”. Now give him the deserved treat and praise him exuberantly. Enter the sound “Lauf” and stand up to solve the command “Platz”.

Train the drop

When the space works, the dog’s lay time is lengthened bit by bit, and you start to move slowly away from it. So it is the “discard” trained. While the dog is in the “seated position”, step out the leash display: Immediately sagging to buy on Amazon, in front of him. After a while, go back to him, so that he is to your left, and let him sit. Now exercise is lengthened for exercise the leash and finally laid on the floor. If the dog stays calm for so long, the leash can be left out. If there are no complaints, you can change the training area and go to the park or the dog course.

Staying even in the absence of the owner

The four-legged student should not let himself be bothered by the space and stay so long until he is picked up. When this is achieved, the next stage begins: you move away from your sight. It has been proven in the initial phase, in addition to the dog, a familiar object, e.g. a garment of the owner with its smell to cover. So he has the familiar smell, and being alone and lying down easier. At first, it is also helpful to show yourself to the dog in between. It is important to always keep an eye on it in order to intervene if necessary.

Coming back to the dog owner

Now the approach is missing. If the dog listens perfectly to its name and there is a close bond between you, this exercise will not cause any problems. The four-legged friend should come quickly to a unique sound and sit down in front of his master. All this is initially practiced on a leash and in a distraction-free environment. Finally, the dog should not be distracted by people or cars, let alone by other dogs.

Help with the dog trainer

If you have difficulty in following our tips or your dog reacts differently than we have described, do not hesitate to contact a dog trainer. He can tell you where the mistakes are. Usually the problem is resolved in an hour or two.

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