The command “No” for cats

Like parenting or dogs, there is a “magic word” that you should really be clear about, it means “consistency.” Consequence coupled with patience does wonders Direct to buy on Amazon

Before you buy a cat, you should consider with the family council, what the cat in the future and what can not be tolerated. The forbidden is forbidden from the first day, and it would be wise to introduce a command that is always used when the cat does something forbidden. If it is agreed that the cat can not sleep in bed, the bedroom should be declared a taboo from the beginning. If you are inconsistent and allow the newcomer to spend the first nights in cozy feather pillows and blankets, the cat will derive a common law and will be very difficult to settle for having to move out of this cozy bed and breakfast.

Get off the table

 We feel our mood very well, they observe us and our behavior and draw their conclusions from it. Many cats like to lie in elevated places, which of course includes tables. Cat hair in coffee is even anathemaous cat lovers as much an abomination as hair in the food. That is why the dining table is a taboo in many cat households. If the cat wants to jump on the table, we immediately interrupt the process with a certain: “No!”. If she stays down, so she has followed our command, she gets a treat and is distracted with a short game. Ignoring the “No!”, We grab the little “wrongdoer”, repeat the “No!” And bring the cat to a desired mooring, for example to the cat tree, where we praise her and submit her a game offer.
It is important that we always take the cat away from the table immediately when we notice it. Otherwise, she will not respect the taboo.

The right command

Some cats respond well to the “no!” When used in a strict, always the same tone. Other cats respond better to sibilants, which are probably reminiscent of the hiss of a conspecific. For example, you could use a “let that!” Emphasis on the “S”.


If you are dealing with a somewhat stubborn youngster in the storm-and-urge time, who is simply doing something out of sheer exuberance, you would not even be able to rest on the sofa in the evenings before “lass das!”. In particular, if it could be dangerous for the cat, for example, trying to nurse a not yet secured cable, a water-filled flower syringe whose nozzle has been set to a precise beam, work wonders.

If the cat studiously ignores the “No!”, It hits a jet of water from the flower syringe. Almost all cats hate such unforeseen showers and let go of the object of desire. The advantage of the method: You do not necessarily have to get up, and the cat does not associate this “punishment” with humans. If you are dealing with a particularly water-crazy animal, this method will not help much.

Especially young animals often hire something because they are bored. If man cares for a variety of distractions through toys and there is a conspecific to romp and cuddle, small misdeeds are much less common.

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