Pleasantly refreshing for the dog

What attracts the predominantly rural area, are the numerous walk-gorges. Due to strong bush and tree cover, you have plenty of shade even at lunchtime. 700 meters deep, the Verdon has dug into the rocks. Read the travel report here!

Hiking in the gorges of the Verdon, tested by Sindy and family force

For dogs, mountain holidays become more difficult as they get older. Our Sindy is now 14 and so we decided this time for a flatter area, the Haute Provence. After a long journey (from Munich about 1000 km) we moved into a holiday terraced house in Artignosc sur Verdon – high above the river Verdon, where numerous beautiful lakes were created by barrages. The whole area is hilly and mountainous, either wooded (mainly oaks) or it is a kind of heathland with lots of broom and wildflowers. Orchids are also to be found and therefore one encounters a lot of insects, butterflies and big black bumblebees, also emerald lizards. Otherwise we got to see rabbits, hares, a badger, a fox and many birds of prey.

Pleasantly refreshing

What attracted us to the predominantly rural area, were the numerous walk-gorges. Due to strong bush and tree cover, you have plenty of shade even at lunchtime. In addition, the dog indicator: To the best dog products on almost always wonderfully refreshing water for drinking and swimming available. The highlight of our hikes was, of course, the “Great Gorge of Verdon”, into which the river has dug almost 700 meters. As a backdrop, there are almost 2000 m high mountains. Particularly charming is the lower Verdon Gorge; the starting point is Quinson; It is recommended to secure the dog against falling. With the rentable pedal boats and electric boats you can do some very nice trips deep into the rocky gorges.

In almost every village you will find a post office, a supermarket, a telephone and many nice, helpful, mostly older people, who were patiently trying to understand German and to fulfill our wishes. Dog Ad: The best dog products on were tolerated in almost all areas. We met them in the supermarket, in the delicatessen, in pubs. The animals seemingly stray despite the collar but are complimented by the staff, but sooner or later they reappear. Although these dogs are absolutely peaceful everywhere, you should consider too friendly a contact, otherwise you will come home with a few more dogs. One ran after our car several hundred yards.

In eighty percent of the small hotels, apartments and numerous campsites, dogs are allowed, as well as on the lake shores and of course in the water. Luckily, one does not look for first-class hotels, discos, golf courses and mass tourism. We could well do without it – the dog advertisement: directly to the purchase on Amazon also. Often we were alone at one of the lakes or in a gorge all day long. The best travel time is May, June and September. From the beginning of July to the middle of August, holidays are in France, when things get tight everywhere.

Early accommodation is also advantageous in the off-season. The roads are good, but sometimes narrow and winding; you can hardly do more than 50 km per hour. Beware of thunderstorms! They are particularly violent in Haute Provence.

A lot of nature and vipers

Anleinpflicht für HundeDisplay: Direct to buy on Amazon exists in the Natural Park Haute Verdon. Here is especially pay attention to poisonous snakes. Otherwise we had fantastic nature experiences and we have not regretted a single day.

If you want to go to the sea and do not be afraid to drive 100 km, you will reach the Côte d’Azur in less than two hours. Between St-Raphael and Cannes, against the background of the red Esterel mountains, there are numerous small bays – and parking for cars next to the road. The dog is allowed into the water everywhere, except on the hotel’s own beaches. However, you should be careful with strong swells and should not underestimate the pull. Until 10 o’clock you are alone on the beach; at noon more people come to the sea.

In order not to strain the extraordinary dog-friendliness of the French, one should not let the dog over other people and their things wegwegt and be careful that he does not shake out the wet coat with strangers. And of course you should also take care of a possible pile. We wish bon voyage to all readers and their dogs.

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