Personal trainer for dog and owner

If there is something wrong between the best dog products on and Halter, a personal trainer can help. He analyzes the individual situation and gives man numerous aha! Experiences.

Private lessons increasingly popular

In dog schools and clubs, the leaders of each class can not always respond to the individual problems of the dog display: To the best dog products on and needs of their owners. This gap is filled by the “personal trainers”, who do dog and man in individual lessons. Some dog owners just want to afford the luxury of individual care, others see these hours as a useful supplement to private lessons. However, most of the experts are called because it is no longer correct between dog and owner.

Experts are worth their price

A professional dog trainer, a trained animal psychologist, is not cheap, but a wise investment. After all, those who still have similar problems after ten hours of active teaching in a dog school or at a dog training center as they had before the beginning of the lesson can no longer solve it alone. Before the dog-human team then inevitably breaks apart, individual lessons in their own home and in the usual environment in everyday (problem) situations are the only alternative.

Training in familiar surroundings

The personal trainer will not order you to a practice site – at least not in the first hour – but insist on visiting you at home. He wants to see how you and your dog show: Directly to buy on Amazon behave in the natural environment, whether you make elementary mistakes in dealing, the ranking is not clarified, etc. Therefore, it makes no sense to pretend to the visit of the coach , eg to lie to him or not to leave the dog on the couch to make a better impression.

Put the cards on the table

Presenting yourself not from the best, but from your normal side, so the coach recognizes the fastest thing that goes wrong with you. Of course, he will not leave her alone, but explain to you what is wrong and give suggestions for improvement. The next step should be a walk together, because that too is part of the natural environment. Again, the animal trainer will analyze your interaction with the dog, but also intervene corrective and give tips.

After the first meeting with a personal trainer, you should have received at least a short analysis of your situation and numerous tips for dealing with the dog and exercise instructions. How many hours you need in total depends on the severity of the problem and your commitment, because of course you have to practice diligently between the individual lessons. This is what the personal trainer has in common with the dog school: He can only give you a “road map” for the education display: Directly to the purchase on Amazon of the dog, he can not take it away.

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