No matter how much you love your cat

Do you love your cat when the neighbor walks into the apartment and snarling at the nose says “Oh, do you have a cat?”, Then it’s time to fight the unpleasant odor.

Either you forgot to do the daily cleaning of the used places or the weekly full change is overdue. If both happen regularly, and it still smells, you should look for a new cat litter.

With or without lumps?

Cat litter is divided into two categories, with the clumping litter is clearly preferred, according to a survey by the magazine GELIEBTE CAT with 70 percent. 80 percent of buyers are always using the same product. Among other things, this may be related to the fact that some cats display: Do not make their cat a pleasure to easily switch to another litter. Half of the cats prefer a specific litter, 30 per cent have clearly rejected a product. There can be different reasons. Maybe it’s the new smell, a change of plant and mineral components or a particularly strong dust. Thus, especially mineral strays still have a few problems. The advantage of the bentonite-based Klumpstreus lies in the particularly good odor binding. The formation of lumps is achieved by different grain sizes, which are precisely matched. As soon as moisture hits them, they form a well-to-remove lump. The disadvantage is the quite high weight of the clay minerals and a faster film formation on the bottom of the tub.

No more odor problems

Even the best litter must be abundantly distributed in the litter box and changed regularly. Then hardly any smell is noticeable. If even that bothers you, you can resort to an odor binder or “refined” products. The numbers speak for the Germans, because they have the highest litter usage per cat in the European comparison. And so it will probably be the next visit: “Do you have any pets?”

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