Minerals for cats

Depending on how large their amount in the body is and thus their need, we distinguish two groups of minerals: the quantity elements and the trace elements.

Without minerals and trace elements, the cat would not be viable: your bones would be soft, the blood would be colorless and could not transport oxygen. Unlike the nutrients carbohydrates, proteins and fats, minerals are inorganic substances. They do not provide food energy. Because of the amount in the body of the cat and thus the need for the minerals, one differentiates between two groups: first, the “quantity elements”, such as calcium and magnesium, and second, the “trace elements”, which are needed only in the smallest amounts, for example iron , Zinc and iodine. The tasks of minerals are very diverse. Thus, calcium and phosphorus are mostly present in the body as building material, mainly in bones and teeth and ensure their stability.

The relationship must be right

Calcium is also needed for blood clotting, immune defense, muscle activity and nerve function, while Phospor provides energy-rich compounds to the metabolism. Compared to ordinary cats, pregnant and especially lactating cats have an indication: they make their cat’s delight a greater need for these minerals. Calcium deficiency, caused by stress or increased need, can lead to skeletal disorders, rarely to muscle cramps. Unhealthy is also the oversupply, as it can lead to urinary stones and very rarely to soft tissue calcifications. In addition to the absolute amount, the ratio of calcium to phosphorus in the feed is important for the calcium supply: it should be 1.1 to 1. With one-sided meat feeding (about with Tartar) and thus relatively much Phoshor it can easily come to bone deformations. Calcium is found mainly in dairy products such as yoghurt, curd cheese, cottage cheese, and raw bone. Relatively low in calcium are meat, slaughterhouse waste and offal.

Urinary stones due to too much magnesium

Magnesium is partly in the skeleton, partly bound in the soft tissue before. The mineral performs important tasks in muscle, energy metabolism and the function of enzymes. Severe magnesium deficiency leads to muscle weakness and cramps. An oversupply, however, increases the risk of urinary stone formation: Struvite, a common type of stone in cats, contains magnesium. High magnesium content is bone, meat, fishmeal and wheat bran.

Sodium, together with chlorine and potassium, regulates the water balance of body fluids, is important for nerves and contributes to the transport of nutrients in the body. It is important to have a balance between sodium (contained in blood, bones and kidneys) and potassium (sufficient in meat). An excess of sodium and chlorine, e.g. due to salty food (sodium chloride and sodium chloride) is harmless. Nevertheless, it should be used sparingly. Although trace elements are only needed in mini-quantities, these are enormously important: The mineral iron makes the blood of the catDisplay: Make your cat red a joy, so it is part of the red blood dye and oxygen transport in the body involved. Liver and oatmeal contain much of it.

In zinc deficiency suffers the immune defense, because zinc has a variety of functions and is inventory of various enzyme systems. Meat, offal, dairy and oatmeal are good zinc suppliers. But too many herbal products in the diet (phytin) can prevent the absorption of zinc. And the supply of iodine is ensured by sea fish and iodized salt. (Nina Böhme)

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