“Hunt” luck in Brittany: dogs are welcome

Rhodesian Ridgeback Lea (18 months) was the reason why Annette and Ralph Reinert chose Brittany as their holiday destination. Read the travel report here!

Dogs are welcome in Brittany

From Munich to the north coast of Brittany, it is a driving route that is better divided over two days. Nevertheless fell in the house Reinert the choice on this holiday destination. “We wanted to spend a holiday in a country where our dog ad: To the best dog products on OTTO.de is welcome and the beautiful beaches for running and walking offers.” On the Internet Annette Reinert searched and found in the village Kerfissien a nice holiday cottage , which convinced by its cozy style, the immediate proximity to the beach and the dog-friendly garden. So at the end of August we went to Brittany …

beach paradise

“Even before we went to unpack in the house, we went with Leah, through the dunes to the beach.” He was overwhelming. It was currently low tide, the sea had gone far and opened Lea a true running paradise. “As soon as we reached the beach, a wonderful feeling of peace and spaciousness overcame us. Memories of the long journey were blown away. It was just great to see Lea rushing over the beach with exhilarating energy. She raced with the gulls, grabbed algae and carried them away shaking wildly. For us it was clear: We have arrived in our dream vacation. “It followed carefree days with extensive beach walks, delicious barbecues or just lazy in the garden. The weather was constantly sunny and the wind was constantly fresh. (“The Bretons went swimming, and we wore weatherproof.”) Lea, however, felt very well and enjoyed her freedom. Unpleasant encounters with stranded jellyfish, sharp shells or garbage on the beach Reinerts had to fear for her. The sea was clean and left little more than a few algae tufts at low tide.

Various possibilities

“Of course Lea was part of the excursion. We strolled through Roscoff, the next bigger place. The old corsair and fisherman town on a peninsula in the bay of Morlaix. And we visited the magnificent Chateau de Kerjean, considered the most beautiful Renaissance castle in Brittany. Dog Ad: The best dog products on OTTO.de were generally welcome everywhere, only the living area of ​​the castle is closed to them. Fortunately, Lea had little sense of interior anyway and found the great castle park much, much more interesting. The biggest holiday adventure was waiting for Lea always on the beach: All hunting dog, she had noticed that at low tide in the remaining small lakes on the beach often tiny fish cavorted that could be hunted wonderful.

Lea did not tire of recreating these fish. The whole beach has been searched systematically over and over again. This stamina we knew her otherwise only in rabbits & Co. Their hunting passion was just right.
Lea had fun, and we always knew where to find her when she disappeared from our perspective: fishing!

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