How much time can a dog stand?

No dog likes to be alone. But to take it with you always and everywhere is impossible. Therefore, the disciplined staying alone is part of the basic education. How long this waiting time may be at the most, there are different opinions.

 Loneliness makes dogs sick

Those who leave the dog-race are either too weak or too ill to follow their own, and will die. Or he is “one too many”, ends up as a lonely “Wolf” or joins another pack. A healthy, integrated in his pack dog never let his own. Staying alone is not provided for in the structure of the social association.

Separation triggers a primal fear

The primary fear of being left behind, of separation from one’s own, is in every dog. Accordingly, he persistently tries to keep up with the connection, always and everywhere. This is not an essential disorder, but completely natural behavior. For the puppy, the separation of mother and siblings means certain death (unless a human being intervenes). The still blind, not fully motile baby registers the cold outside or in the abandoned nest, screams immediately and tries to crawl towards warmth (body of mother or siblings). This is also a natural survival behavior. And because in the course of the pet becoming all dogs display: Among the best dog products on keep a remnant baby beings, some even remain eternal children, they are often in panic or hysteria, if their contact shouting has no effect. So it really would be dog-fair if we had our four-legged friends as constant companions always and everywhere around us. Or assign them from the beginning a task that requires independent action, they would virtually transform into “lonely wolves”. For centuries this was man-made. Today we have more small families than large families, more jobs outside than at home, more family than working dogs. And the pack animal dog, as a social being always ready to adapt and change, has managed in less than a century to deal with these changed (human) living conditions and to develop in the directions that we humans want. Only one thing they do not swallow so easily: the single person.

Everyone has a secret recipe

No wonder that in every dog ​​book a whole chapter is devoted to staying alone. Not surprising that dog trainers come up with a variety of tips to get their students used to waiting for people to return. Logical only that supply and demand to animal sitter, childminder or pet board to multiply explosively. Sadly, dog psychologists and veterinarians attribute a whole range of serious behavioral problems and diseases to the isolation of the affected dog. And that there are now even drugs that counteract depression.

How much loneliness is reasonable?

So how long may, should the dog friend leave his four-legged partner alone? An hour, four hours, eight hours? How long is the wait reasonable, from when is it torture? There are many opinions. Some are all experts, that the young dog advertisement: directly to the purchase on Amazon tolerates for purely physical reasons a maximum of two hours lonely room arrest. Unanimous opinion also that the first few weeks in the new home should be as possible without hours of separation. When adult dog but opinions vary widely. Four hours in the familiar environment sleeps a well-used dog well, some say. Eight hours in the kennel or garden, which he is to guard, are no problem, if the dog in return has full 16 hours of full human contact, find others. Two dogs deal with each other and survive without frustration six hours, is another opinion.

The number of overstrained dogs is growing

And yet the number of dog advertisements is growing: Buy it now on Amazon, which can not even wait two hours for a hassle free, heartbreaking or total exhaustion whine and whine. Who receive their people in a disassembled apartment or – worse still – wound themselves, nip their paws, hunt their own rod … All education thing? Or racial disposition? Or under-demand in everyday life? There are no thorough investigations.

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