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Cat indicator: Make your cat a pleasure are very clean animals, they spend up to two hours a day with grooming. Clear that they also like to have clean “sanitary facilities”.

If you take a kitten from a serious cat breed, it is usually already housebroken. Around the first three to five weeks of life, the kittens are nursed by the mother and she also takes their excretions during the cleaning process. When the little ones start eating solid food themselves, it’s time to learn how to use a litter box. Little kittens learn a lot by imitation and the mother shows them how to scratch in the litter and eventually it is so far, the cat child dissolves in the litter box. If you have taken a motherless kitten very early, you have to take over the cleaning work of the mother in the first few weeks, for example with a damp, warm washcloth. If the kitten is ready to use a toilet, after sleeping, playing and eating it, we take it to the bathroom, pawing it with our fingers in the litter and thus encourage the baby to break loose. Has it worked, you should not save with praise and pats.

The right size and shape

Cat litter boxes for kittens should not have too high a rim, so that the kittens do not have to mutate to become climbers in order to get inside. Beware of very young kittens with cat litter: Please do not use extremely lump litter, as babies tend to eat litter first. Clumping it in the stomach, it can lead to the first health disorders, even the intestinal obstruction. One should of course, a cat toilet always the size of the cat indicator: Make her cat a pleasure to adapt. From a 9-pound Maine Coon to expect reliable housekeeping, if only with difficulty can force back into the litter box, is an absurdity. Whenever you get a new cat, try to provide her with a toilet model she used in her old home. There are cats who love lavatories with lids, others hate them and prefer open bowls. Domestic toilets with swing lids are not “everybody’s” thing and the modern self-cleaning toilets are not appreciated by all velvet paws. If possible, use the same brand of litter that “Kitty” already knows. If you want to change later, slowly mix the litter you prefer over several days into the usual one. This avoids problems with uncleanliness.

How many toilets does the cat need?

A single cat should have at least two litter boxes available. If you live in a very large house, it makes sense to have a toilet ready on each floor. To expect from the cat that she opens in the case of an urgent need only on a long walk into the cellar, much is required. Try to choose locations that are as quiet as possible. In addition to the flinging washing machine or the hissing dryer, it is not easy to hold a meeting. If you have several cats, you expect a toilet per cat plus an extra. The toilets should be cleaned twice a day to ensure acceptance. Surely you did not want to use a toilet, which contains the legacy of the previous user. About once a week, the litter boxes should be thoroughly rinsed with hot water and refilled.

Suddenly dirty?

If a hitherto reliably housebroken cat suddenly becomes unclean, this can have a variety of causes.

First, you should check the toilet conditions again.

All toilets accessible, no accidentally closed doors?
Condition of the toilets clean?
Same litter?
No change to toilet model or installation location?
No changes by new household members, be they two or four-legged?
Is it really about uncleanliness or marking behavior?
Are cat or cat sexually mature and uncastrated? Then a castration could solve the problem.

Sudden uncleanliness can also be the indication of a disease. In question are, inter alia, pain, cystitis, incipient kidney disease or urinary or Blasengries or stones.
If the veterinarian has checked the cat thoroughly and can not find any health problems, read more about “uncleanliness” here. (Monika Binder)

Download the brochure

Just because cats are among the cleanest of all pet animals, it hits people so deeply when ugly stains on the laundry or penetrating Odor on the wall clearly reveal that an otherwise so sanctioned animal has immortalized itself there on Animal Ads: Directly to the purchase on Amazon. Removing traces and keeping silent is of no use to the cat or man. Our brochure should enlighten and help.

Here you can download our brochure “Suddenly dirty”.

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