Grooming of Cats – The Brush as an Enemy?

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My two tomcats are actually carthusians, but both have long hair like Persians and in addition the thick undercoat of the Carthusian. Every time the coat is changed knot the hair. Both are unfortunately not happy to brush at all. I have already tried everything to make their grooming tasty – nothing helps! Now I always go to the vet. I would like to spare my cats this act. How did other cat owners manage this problem? What tricks are there? (Verena Müller, via e-mail)

Here are some of the answers

Hair balls as a reward

We had with our catDisplay: Make your cat a pleasure Nilce, five years, Holy Burma, the same problem. She bristled wildly when it came to brushing, until my husband came up with the idea of ​​making a ball of hair. Meanwhile, Nilce – although not very enthusiastic – brush. She no longer defends herself and then joyfully awaits her “hairball” and plays with it with great enthusiasm. Since then, we have no more problems with brushes. (Sandra Struchen, Darmstadt)

Gentle massage with fur care glove

We are very familiar with the difficulties of grooming Display: Direct to buy on Amazon! Our two Persian cats Candy and Cookie resist the brushing – but unfortunately there can be real problems if the coat of longhair cats is properly knotted. That’s what happened to our Candy. We’ve noticed that any attempt to remove the knots was very painful for Candy, and we turned to our vet. She advised us to let Candy shave under general anesthetic and treat her with a grooming glove in the future. This works great, because the cats do not perceive that as annoying brushing, but as pleasant pats! And sometimes we outwit them a little: we take turns with the glove and the brush over the fur … until now, no complaints!

Patience is everything!

This is my tip for grooming. I got used to combing my cat (Angora) named Felix right from the start. For that I took a lot of time and talked to him reassuringly. If he wanted to defend himself, I held him in my lap and caressed him until he calmed down. If the coat is not knotted, it does not brush when brushing. Anyway, Felix has accepted combing as something normal and commonplace!

Treat as a reward

Because I have always had difficulty combing through the fur of my Norwegian forest cat Sara, I tried it with a special powder that I bought at a cat show. This makes the coat easier to comb and silky. But do not use too much powder and, above all, do not put anything on the cat’s face! Because then the eyes and nose can be irritated, and it can also lead to inflammation. What also helps: After combing Sara often gets a treat as a reward,

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