Game rules for cats

Everything is allowed, what happens? The even find cat indicator: Make your cat a joy stinking boring. Because as a forest-and-meadow-cat you get clear limits. Just as interesting to have sofa cats.

Penelope seemed obsessed with paper. Her owners had often crumpled pieces of paper that she then kicked around. But the favorite game quickly became a bad habit, no piece of paper was safe from her, newspapers were torn to pieces, nibbling letters, toilet paper rolls completely devastated. The cat psychologist Pam Johnson, who was called by the desperate owners, quickly became aware of the diagnosis: boredom.

To cure Penelope’s boredom, she proposed to the Bouchards, both working, to have a second cat display: Make her cat happy. In addition, she recommended regular game hours: “At least two seasons per day, 15 minutes each”. The objection that she did not have time, she wiped off the table with the suggestion: “Take the half-hour you need each day to clear away the paper that has torn Penelope.” There is no better therapy for bored tiger-tigers than Play . If they do not have the opportunity to hunt mice, they must be able to react to their pent-up hunting lust with prey-catching games: lurking, sneaking, jumping, pawing, holding on tight and snubbing.

Raufspiele bring variety and fun

That’s why they need hiding places such as newspaper roofs, baskets and boxes, climbing facilities, toddling toy display: Directly to buy on Amazon or one, at the other end of a person acts. Also Raufspiele bring variety and fun in the cat’s everyday life, in which the human hand – which turns the cat on the back turns, in turn can be ambushed – replaced a co-cat. For young animals, the game is almost vital, explains cat researcher Mircea Pfleiderer: “You do not just have to deal with or develop maturing drives and movement patterns, but they also learn a lot about the characteristics of small and large objects, what you can do with them and what not and what surprises you can experience with them if you do it awkwardly. “The crucial, from the prey animal outgoing key stimulus that awaits the inexperienced kitten is a straightforward as possible locomotion. No matter if a ball or a mouse runs away, it just has to follow. Crackling noises also encourage prey.

But no game without rules, not even for cats. The most important: not everything is allowed, what pleases. It would be a mistake not to set limits on the cat. It needs forbidden zones that replace the territorial boundaries. “The dining table, a new sofa, the kitchen counter, the bedroom or the living room can be taboo,” says Dr. Mircea Pfleiderer: “A bedroom, for example, which remains closed to the cat during the day, is an even more desirable place to stay at night, because otherwise it would not be clean.”

Rules can be made clear according to the cat

Unconditional consequence as in the dog training indicator: Directly to the purchase on Amazon is not necessary by the way. How to make such rules clear to your darling? One could take an example from Professor Leyhausen, as he describes it in his book “Katzenseele”: “Cat Sandor, otherwise well-bred, sometimes broke the ban on lying on the bed. If he was still in sight, he could be easily understood in the kitty that he disapproved of his act. Cats sniff extensively in places where other cats have lain or sat. In the same way, Sandor’s human sniffed the cat’s berth, which he was using illegally, and stared at it sternly. Sandor stared back for a moment and left the room, mortified. “

Of course, your cat will break your prohibitions. And she will, for example, cross the “territorial borders” by jumping onto the forbidden chair in front of your eyes and looking at you cheekily. If you do not want to frustrate your cat, you should occasionally respond to this provocation. Stare back. You may even touch them. She understands that. Communication is always better than boredom.

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