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Surely they have already worried everything, what the catDisplay: Make your cat a pleasure in equipment and food needed. It has proven to be useful to first prepare a cozy room without too many hiding places for the cat.

Everything that the cat needs is housed in this room: scratching post, feeding station, water bowl and toys as well as the cat litter boxes. Please use only the usual food and also the usual litter as well as the type of toilet the cat already knows. Moving is stressful enough, changes that you would like to make are postponed until after the acclimatization. If you arrive at home with the new family member, bring the cat’s hen to this room and close the door.

Children, other cats or the family dog ​​will not be allowed to enter

Now open the door of the transport container and wait. Depending on the individual personality, the cat will either want to get out of the van immediately or stay in the sheltered hiding place. Please resist the temptation to pull the cat out of the kennel and calmly speak with the cat in a gentle voice. Keep your distance and wait for the cat to leave the container by itself. If the animal does not make any effort to come out after an hour, you can try to lure it out with a toy such as a cat angel. A particularly delicious, fragrant food snack can help. If the cat still prefers to stay in hiding, she is probably very scared. In this case, leave the room and wait a few hours until you go back inside.

Give the kitten the time it needs

During this time, the cat has already safely left the transport container, explored the room and perhaps already done an urgent business. Many cats are so excited after the move that they refuse to eat. That’s fine as long as the cat drinks. In a cub, you can wait 24 hours before you visit the vet. In a well-fed adult cat also two days, when she makes a cheery impression, drinks, visits the toilet and the excretions are normal. After this time, however, a veterinarian should be consulted.

The brisk and curious guy

If your new cat belongs to the brisk type, who immediately marches out of the kennel and takes possession of his new empire, one can start early to show the cat further rooms of the house. If you already have cats at home, you should, however, as a precaution, keep each newcomer in the quarantine room until it is clear whether the kitten is really healthy. A visit to the veterinarian, who thoroughly examines the kitten, is always a good option.

The time in quarantine also has the advantage that the new cat has already taken the “house odor” when she meets the other cats. She does not smell like a stranger anymore and is more likely to be accepted. The shy, anxious or even angst aggressive cat has to get used to much more difficulties than the brash curious guy. If the cat keeps distance to humans, you should lure them with game offers, but do not press them. New people are not let into the room until they trust something at least one person. Although children are very happy about the newcomer and will certainly whine if they are not allowed to go to the cat at first, but it makes it easier to settle in, if you first allow the animal the peace it takes to find their way in the new environment. Finally, if you introduce the cat to the children, ask them to keep quiet and quiet. Playing with the feather quill or the cat fishing is fun for children and cats. The cat is raised at the earliest, if she can already be stroked easily. If she does not tolerate being raised, she will be let down again if she behaves calmly for a moment. There are cats that do not like to be hugged and do not want to be carried. But they like to come to the sofa and are either on the lap or next to the man. You should be able to accept that.

Spend your time with the kitten

Especially with the difficult cat types, it has proven to be beneficial to simply spend time with the animal, without the cat too obvious to pay attention. You sit in a chair and read a book comfortably. Since the cat is curious on its own, it will certainly want to smell the new man at some point. It behaves completely passive, but speaks enticing and gentle with the animal when it seeks contact. If it rubs the head on the leg or on the hand of man, already beaten a great battle. It can take months for difficult adult cats to break down until the ice breaks. Even young cats that grew up as “wildlings” without human contact are often problematic and put the patience of man to the test. In very problematic cases, it can also be an advantage to just spend the night with the kitten. Sleeping people look much less dangerous, and so many cat-crazed fright finally dares to jump on the warm blanket and curls up comfortably with the person he has stared at during the day only from the top corner of the cabinet with wide-open fearful eyes.

Get out of quarantine

If the cat is so far that it eats without problems, visits the toilet and familiarizes the person a bit, the remaining rooms of the house or apartment are explored bit by bit.

So that your neighbors know that a new velvet paw has moved into the house, you can download the flyer “Ich bin neu hier” as a PDF here.

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