Crete – a favorite island for dogs?

Holidays on the Greek island of Crete were tested by the Hahn family and the one-year-old toy poodle Nina. On the south coast of the island there is a rather tropical climate and so it was in September still very hot, sometimes up to 40 degrees. Read the detailed travel report here.

Crete – a favorite island

Crete is my favorite island and I know almost every little spot after many visits. Last year my husband and I moved there again, this time to Mirtos, a village on the south coast, west of Ierapetra. But this time our one year old Toy Poodle Nina was there.

We booked in the travel agency only the flight Munich-Heraklion and a rental car. We wanted to get the lodging ourselves. Our miniature poodle Nina was allowed on the plane. If it had been larger than pocket size, we would have had to place it in the cargo hold of the machine in a transport box. The travel agency had also announced our Nina at the airline. That must be, because no more than 2-3 dogs may be in the passenger compartment at the same time. Thereafter nothing stood in the way of taking the dog away and Nina slumbered in her special bag (from the pet shop) for 2.5 hours peacefully towards the holiday destination … and my nervousness had been completely in vain.

Arrived at the destination, our rental car was already ready at the airport. After a two hour drive we were at the destination. Blue sky, blue sea and the white houses of Mirtos greeted us. It was not a problem to find a room outside the main season. Almost every house in the village offers private rooms. We chose the big blue, a guesthouse on the edge of the village, on a hillside, with a fantastic view over the houses and the sea. Our apartment was a bit worn, but the own terrace with a beautiful view compensated us for it. The owners of the pension, the Daskalakis family, own a dog display. These are the best dog products on that doze in the shade all day long.

On the south coast of the island there is a rather tropical climate and so it was in September still very hot, sometimes up to 40 degrees. Nina and I got up daily at 6 o’clock in the morning and walked along the small road along the sea, until the sun rose red-hot from the sea. Then we returned to our apartment with fresh bread from the bakery, which was only three minutes away from our quarters, and enjoyed our breakfast, which we prepared in the appartements own kitchen and on the terrace taste. With our rented car we found a secluded spot with a tree about three kilometers away on the beach, which provided us with shade all day long. It was nice that we stayed there almost all day long. A hundred meters further, in Tertsa, we found a tavern where we had lunch at lunch, which the landlady freshly prepared daily. The host was happy about every guest and we felt at home with the delicious house wine and at Stifade, a very good meat dish. When we strolled through our village in the evening, Nina got to know the local dogs of Mirtos. However, the joy of acquaintance with a tourist dog remained one-sided. The Greek dog advertisement: Among the best dog products on frightened more in front of our little ones and retreated.

Canyon up into the mountains

In the evening we always tried another of the eleven taverns of Mirtos. The food was good and cheap everywhere and no car noise and no hassle disturbed the peaceful atmosphere. The dog was welcome in all tavernas; The locals were even very pleased with our Pudelchen. Nina, in turn, inevitably got used to the many cats that besieged each local and begged for food. Of all our excursions we liked the hike through the nearby Sarakinasschlucht (about 11/2 hrs) best. The starting point is the village Mithi. From there, head towards Males until the road descends to a river bed. At the dam the adventurous hike starts up the canyon. The water of the Siktiberge overcomes in this gorge the last barrier on the way to the sea. If you go all the way, you also have to wade through the water. At the end you are in completely sleepy mountain villages,

where there are no cars where people still live as they did hundreds of years ago, where olives dry in the sun and tourists are still curiously watching. I would recommend to the dog owners who go to Crete, as travel time beginning to mid May or the later September to choose. Since it is pleasantly warm on the south coast, the sea has already / still bath temperature and the beaches are as good as empty. In the high season, there are many overcrowded beach sections, especially near the tourist resorts, where dog bills are. It is also advisable to take a rental car. Without a mobile subset you are trapped in Mirtos, because buses do not take dogs with you and taxis must negotiate deftly (Mr. Leutsch von Kedros, see info box, knows taxi drivers who carry dogs). With rental car but the island can easily explore. We wish all “Partner Dog” readers a relaxing Crete holiday and hope that they feel as comfortable there as we do.

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