Care for shorthair cats

The coat care indicator: Although usually the velvet paw itself takes over directly to the purchase on Amazon at Kurzhaarkatzen, but it is often not enough, especially with dense undercoat.

But even with the most easy-care cats par excellence, such. For example, Siamese or others with short, fluffy fur (including domestic cats), human support is useful. Even Siam and Co. are losing hair all the time, even though we often do not notice much of them, as most of them are skimmed off in cleaning. And often, not all of it can be excreted naturally by gagging or through the gut. However, if a hairball clogs up the intestine, it can be pretty nasty. To prevent this, we like to use malt pastes or special foods such as “Hairball Control”, which actually helps because of the essential fatty acids and plant fibers it contains. But we do not get around brushing, because in addition to the “beauty effect” also circulation and digestion are stimulated.

To wash? Water? Yuck!

Washed by a cat’s tongue, water became from the perspective of a catDisplay: Make her cat a joy not invented for bathing. Sometimes it is necessary, however, if they B. has come into contact with toxic substances: See “Halflanghaarkatzen” (with a washing instructions for fat tail) and “long-haired cats”.

Combing & brushing

If there are too many hairs in the comb, the cat is either not healthy or you are using the wrong tool. The small flea combs with the teeth close z. B. are absolutely unsuitable for a cat with undercoat, because you her while heaping live hair. Depending on the type of coat you need:

  • Tight & plushy (like British shorthair or house cats with a lot of undercoat): A comb with medium-length or different-length tines and round tips at a medium distance. A natural hairbrush for massage. A small soft (!) Wire brush with curved prongs during the change of coat.
  • Short & snug (Abyssinian, Burma, Russian Blue, Siamese): A narrow-toothed comb with short tines and round tips. A rubber thumb brush or a rubber thumb glove. A soft brush for massage. A reed to remove dust, dead hair or age-related dandruff.
  • Soft & Curly (Rex Cats Breeds): A close-toothed comb with short tines and thick round tips. A soft brush with a little bit of “grip”, but it has to go through the fur like butter – never quarrel and stroke against the grain because the hair can then break.

After brushing / combing, wipe over the coat with wet hands to remove any loose hair. If your cat does not want to be brushed, we have some tips in the article “The brush as an enemy”.

Coat change – the same for all cats

In contrast to the sensory hair, fur hair has a relatively short lifespan during its three stages of development: During the growth phase, about 0.3 mm / day sprout for about one to three months (transition phase), then the nutrient supply is interrupted, cell growth ends (resting phase), and the hair dies. Of course, the growth rhythm of each hair is not synchronous (otherwise the cat would be dressed, sometimes naked), which is why some always find themselves in the brush. In summer, winter fur is already being worked on, about 50 percent of the primary hair and 30 percent of the secondary hair grow, in winter it is only ten percent. The season (meaning the amount of daylight) has a greater effect on cats with spouts, whereas in pure-style sofas the “natural rhythm” (in the context of a relatively uniform ambient temperature) gets a bit confused and therefore – within limits! – lose a little more hair all year round. In addition, towards the end of winter, the undercoat is drastically reduced, on the one hand because it is dispensable during the warm season, and on the other hand, so that the skin through the thinner coat light, air and sun can recharge. So seen there are no precise limited times, when hair is “normal” and when not. Only a guide can be made, z. For example, for baby tigers:

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