Care for long-haired cats

Cats of the different long-haired breeds are very cultivating. If the grooming is not carried out seriously by the owner, this will have massive negative consequences for the cat indicator: make your cat a pleasure that can reach to animal cruelty.

If it only pulls and / or the tool with difficulty (or sometimes no longer) to get through the fur, then the cat suffers massive. No wonder, therefore, that the plagued animal is at war with her comb, brush and her human due to inadequate care. Some cats are already infested by a rude treatment as young, so that the new owner often has little chance of grooming – and hopes that it is sufficient if he strokes her gently over the fur. However, since this does not do anything at all, man and cat get caught in a vicious circle, from which only a Schur offers a way out.


If the fur plates and knots are close to the skin, the coat will hurt and may even cause skin damage. In such cases, only the walk to the veterinarian, who removes the “splendor” under gentle anesthesia, only helps. Then you can try a reboot – even if not much brushing and combing is there …. For some Persian owners beyond the show stages this is the annual compulsory program before the beginning of summer. However, you should know that hair growth is stimulated by cutting, d. H. the coat grows stronger and more dense, so that later once a year scissors indicator: Direct to buy on Amazon will probably not be enough. If you have to decide which cat / race you would like to share your life with in the future, and you can not make friends with such an intensive program, maybe it would be better to fall in love with a prudent little kitty?

Combing & brushing

If scissors are neither planned nor necessary and the cat shows a willingness to cooperate, so that combing and brushing does not turn into torture, depending on the condition of the coat or age regularity, a wide-toothed comb and a medium-hard wire brush with curved prongs, both with rounded tips , A plastic brush with nubs and a natural hairbrush for massage are also ideal. Additional resources can be found below. With “flying sparks”, ie the static charge of the fur during brushing, an antistatic spray helps. Spraying it on the brush will less irritate the cat.

To wash

If the cat comes from a breeder household, she will probably be used to bathing. Be sure to let a specialist know how to do it.

The effect is really brilliant: done right, so several washes using high quality products, it has the effect that the brushing / combing is easy and pleasant: The fur does not felt, the cat loses significantly less hair, these “fly” not more and load up during brushing much less static.

Alternative grooming

  • For the delicate places behind the ears, under the armpits, on the inside of the legs or on the panties – which grease particularly fast or felt most easily – you can choose between sprays, care foam or powder. Massaging and combing well with your fingers produces good results, but it has to be done naturally: in addition, the higher the quality of the products, the better the effect.
  • Once this phase is over, a number of different desmutting sprays are available on the market, which are sprayed directly onto fur knots (or massaged with your fingers if the kitty starts frightening the spray), then carefully plucked and then combed out.
  • Special knives are also available to remove knots, which can be used to remove them. Of course, the scissors do too – but CAUTION, the cat will not lie still during the procedure, and injuries will quickly occur. Therefore always carefully push a comb between skin and knots, then nothing can go wrong.

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