Breast milk and porridge for kittens

Now the kittens are slowly getting the taste. The first hurdle is taken when they learn to swallow the animal samples instead of sucking – with your help.

For the first four weeks, breast milk is the source of life for kittens. The milk meal is full of nutrients, contains important antibodies and tastes delicious. During this time, the babies do not need additional food. But after that it means: Ran to the fleshpots. The first killed prey brings a free-roaming farm cat to her little one when they are about four weeks old and lets them chew on it. The can opener is responsible for the care of the kittens: even if the mother’s milk is still flowing generously, you can offer extra food to the offspring from the fourth to the fifth week.

Porridge on the mouth

Although the kitties usually come quite alone on the taste when they watch the mother’s ad: View directly to buy on Amazon and curiously put her nose in the bowl. But they must first learn to swallow instead of suck. To practice, serve each kitten with some yogurt or cream on your finger. Just as well, you can stroke the kitten with some porridge on the mouth to encourage it to lick. Previously, the mash (best suited canned pet food for puppies) is crushed with a fork and mixed with some milk to a soft porridge and heated to body temperature.

Stable children’s dishes

But be careful, that at the first attempts no porridge gets into his nose or the nostrils clogged. If you like to prepare your own kitty, you can serve minced meat pie with creamy egg yolk and warm water as an introduction to the animal’s diet. As a container for children’s food are particularly suitable ceramic bowls with 3 cm high edge and 19 cm diameter. Large and stable, they allow common meals and can not be so easily overturned. There are complementary foods three to four times a day. The puppies are allowed to feed as much as they want. After one hour the food remains are disposed of (they must not be offered again) and the bowls thoroughly cleaned with hot water. Kittens are always offered fresh, but please never cold from the fridge. Otherwise gastrointestinal problems are inevitable. Drinking water is also served at the start of the complementary food. Usually, the cat mother will drop off her cubs when they are six or eight weeks old. Meanwhile, the little ones have become accustomed to eating solid food and now so completely cover their nutritional needs.

Calorie consumption of kittens

The puppy food now remains un-shredded. You should also stop mixing with milk, because after stopping the breast milk, the cat’s children can digest the milk sugar more and more poorly. The addition of milk can therefore cause diarrhea. It is important that the growing kittens are sufficiently supplied with minerals and vitamins. Lack of calcium, for example, would quickly lead to disruption in bone growth. A good puppy ready food must contain everything. Supplements are therefore too much of a good thing. As long as they are not too heavy, the kittens are allowed to eat to their heart’s content. Display: Directly for sale on Amazon [powered by contextR]. At the age of eight or nine months, the cat’s kids are then ripe for the adult diet.

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