Basic equipment for cats

If you want to keep your cat happy, from the beginning you need a certain basic set of accessories that are essential for the proper keeping of the animal.


The right accessory

Without basic accessories, such as a litter box or a suitable place to sleep, holding a cat is not possible. Although there are some differences in the accessories required for free-fallers and baby tigers, every cat needs the essentials like food and the like. Find out what’s included in a cat starter kit in the following article.

Treats and cat grass should always be present!

As good as any cat is a little Leckermäulchen and nascht everything that comes before the paws. In order to establish a positive bond to the animal, it is recommended to give the cat a treat from time to time – either as a treat or just to give the cat a little pleasure. As long as this is done in moderation and the cat does not suffer from being overweight, nothing at all speaks against it. Furthermore, it is important that the cat digestive aids in the form of cat grass are available. While free-range cats eat the grass during their walk to better digest the hair they are brushing, domestic cats need special cat grass. More information about the grass for cats on this website.

Healthy cat food and water

Whether the cat eats dry food or rather wet food, must be tried. The food preferences are different for each tiger tiger. Some prefer chicken as part of their food, while others prefer fish. It is important that the cat owner always carefully observes the nutritional information and dosage recommendations and does not exceed the recommended daily amount of cat food. For cats tend to overweight in bad, high-fat feeding relatively quickly. In addition, it is also advisable not to spoil the cat in terms of the offered food too much, but still offer them varied food and products. Equally important are enough feeding and drinking bowls. While a cat needs at least two feeding bowls, which can be changed as needed, it does not hurt to put several water bowls in the apartment for drinking.

The litter box – a must!

Regardless of whether your cat is a freezer or a kit, every four-legged friend needs a litter box. These are available in very different variants and designs: Whether open, with a lid, square or round – the choice depends on the personal taste of the cat owner and of course also on the cat. The type of litter should be determined from the beginning, so that the cat can get used to it early. While some cats prefer clumping litter, other cats tend to like a non-lumpy litter deposit. Ideally, a cat has two litter boxes set up in different rooms.

Toys for employment

Each cat has a strong hunting and game drive that cats should live out. Understandably, freestylers have a wider choice of exciting discoveries and hunting objects than flat cats. Therefore, cat owners should provide the latter with a particularly wide range of cat toys. This can u.a. a cotton mouse or wool balls and cat fishing. There is a limitless selection of cat toys in pet supplies, but you do not necessarily have to spend money on them. Many cats are also happy about pine cones from the garden or small pieces of wood. There is also another must-have for cats when it comes to caring for the animal with the help of cat toys. The scratching post. This should be available in particular for domestic cats, so that they can scratch the tree for claw care. In addition, a scratching post is equally a climbing frame.

The ideal sleeping place for cats

Although most cats love to sleep in bed with their master or mistress, if this is not possible, a comfortable sleeping place should be set up for the four-legged friend. When sleeping, the cat owners should, as with so many, watch closely, which place the cat prefers to sleep. These can be simple larger boxes with “cave character”, but also commercial sleeping boxes for cats. With a small cover for the underground one increases the coziness factor and ensures that the cat likes to go into the “basket”. It is important that the sleeping place for the cat is always in the same place, so that they can identify with it better.

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