Balcony for cats

While terraces are often very difficult to secure, especially if they are open to the sky, this is much easier with a balcony.

Even under the same conditions, because networks or grids are less visible “at the top” and therefore rarely a stumbling block if, for example, the landlord transgresses.In any case, reliable protection is paramount! In the case of rented or owner-occupied flats, you must obtain the consent of the landlord or the owner community.Already other balconies are “installed” in the same way, this should not be a problem – unless it is the façade, because the optical “Verschandelung” of the jewelry side of a house could certainly meet with little love.

peace offer

If the agreement is rather half-hearted or the balcony is open only to the front, a two- / three-piece metal sliding grill with bar can be covered by (flowering?) Climbing plants. Of course, they hardly climb overnight, so flower pots or pots can bridge the growth period. If the middle part remains un-greened or (reliable!) Only open, if Kitty can not get out, you still have enough light and do not have to think in the jungle.

Island behind bars

If a net or grid is approved, but you do not want to “lock yourself in”, you may be able to demarcate a subarea; so you have an aviary that is closed at the top. Also covered by climbing plants, the cat would show: Making your cat a pleasure while accessing a window, but if you have to go in for watering, it gets a little complicated. So a door to the “human area” should be planned.

Trick 17

If you refuse, you can choose a detachable net that will be hung after dark and then almost invisible (especially in black or gray). The dowels required for this purpose should not disturb the landlord, and you can also hang some hanging baskets during the day. Make sure, however, that the net on all sides is really secure against breakouts – and just as the cat handles it: Climbers also dare pull-ups, so it must be closed at the top and / or possibly drawn at an angle to the wall. In any case, Mieze will find the night-bounded excursions better than none at all.

It greens so green …

If the cat is allowed to enjoy balkony without restriction, the question arises, what should grow and blossom in the miniature idyll – please explore in detail before, if the plants are suitable for cat use in the sense of non-toxic. Protect the soil of your potted plants with a wire mesh and shovel ornamental gravel over it – not directly on the ground, as this would cover them airtight and make them mold). Mix the ornamental gravel with larger stones, because the little things have quite a high entertainment value for velvet paws … Use only organic fertilizer and only natural sprays. Nevertheless, you should make sure that the cat does not come into contact with it. Also, you must never inject plants that she likes to nibble on. More space means of course more meadow: A large tub designed with lawn tiles (do not forget to pour) will usually live longer than sown grass, at least if Kitty likes to sleep on it and maybe a fair bit of weight on the scales. Nothing can grow there … Better are two tubs, which are provided alternatively.

Alternatives to the balcony

If none of these ideas be realizable or you find it all too expensive or expensive – please take your Kitty NEVER on a leash on the balcony or the terrace. It is not possible to monitor her permanently with eagle eyes, and your cat will certainly find it a little funny, if only she is allowed to lie under the chair. With a little more freedom of movement, however, she would either constantly get tangled up in a leash. Or she dares to jump on or over the balustrade, strangles or slips out of the harness due to her weight and sails downhill! The solution is: rigorous balcony ban, a net / fly screen insert for the balcony door and several secure window seats, which also allow a safe ventilation. Increased sleeping places, for example on the scratching post, nearby allow a lookout and the possibility of air-and-sun-refueling. And if you can still spend a private meadow in the form of a flower box, this is a good alternative.

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